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Being outside and geocaching is a nice feeling of freedom and relaxation. The right app beside – maaloo geocaching.

Well prepared

Collect all your geocaches of your next tour into a list. Download the content to be prepared for offline usage. Well organized is almost found.

It takes you there

Navigate by straight line on the map or by compass. This keeps searching exciting and that’s all you need to find.


Keeps you informed about what you have in your preparation and whether you still have to do something. Maybe upload your finds.

This is a young app that still wants to grow and will always try to put a smile on your face because it is so easy to use. Modern, enthusiastic, pragmatic … satisfied when you are.

Oliver Michel – Chief Developer

Map catalog for offline maps

Since version v1.0.7 the app offers a map catalog to download offline vector maps from nearly all countries and states of the world. How to start the map catalog Open the Map pageFrom the left menu bar…

Import offline vector maps – manually

The usage of vector offline maps is introduced with the Update v1.0.6 of the app. Currently you can import OpenStreetMap vector offline maps in widely available format “Mapsforge” from several sources by external download and import into…

First Launch

Hooray! It’s done! After some moons of developing this app from scratch, it is time to put a glass of champagne out, and cheers on the first launch of the app. A moment to take a short…


Yes, we have a roadmap!


Oliver Michel