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The app may have features that you are not aware of. Let’s discover some of them here.


This app has a map – which should be the main purpose for an outdoor app, right. The map gives you an idea where you are in the field. The built-in map of your phone is used as base layer and can be overlaid by online maps.

We work on an own integration of high quality maps drawn directly on your phone extending the map content and enabling offline usage. Stay tuned.

List & Waypoints

Organize your waypoint content in lists for easier access and to keep focused. You can use the lists to decide which content of waypoints should be visible on the map or not.

The content of your lists can be geocaches provided by the geocaching functionality or own created waypoints just to remember for an amazing location.


The geocaching functionality provides life access to the wonderful world of integrated in this app for direct outdoor use. Search for geocaches nearby. Discover geocaches on the map. Log your finds. Navigate to the geocache.

Important is the ability to download the content of geocaches for offline use. You can download complete lists of geocaches including there images.

Read more details about each feature in the HowTo’s