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Standing still is not our thing…

Before you ask for new features, we invite you in our plans for the app. If there is still room for improvement afterwards and you think this would be a must have amazing feature, don’t hesitate to write us.

Geocaching features

Near future
  • ✔ Download images of geocaches when downloading the content of geocaches for offline use
  • See what your friends have found in the past
  • Write notes to the geocache and upload to (field notes)
Further in the future
  • Sync lists to with the lists you have created in the app
  • Add photo to log entry

Map features

That takes/took a while, but has a high priority
  • ✔ Offline vector maps! A must have for offline usage.
  • ✔ Download offline vector maps for entire countries or states
  • Enhance map beauty

Android version

Yes, it’s on our to-do list, but it will follow after a while if the iPhone version is nice enough.