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Import offline vector maps – manually

The usage of vector offline maps is introduced with the Update v1.0.6 of the app.

Currently you can import OpenStreetMap vector offline maps in widely available format “Mapsforge” from several sources by external download and import into the App.

One of the next Updates will add a Download feature inside the App.

HowTo import a vector map

Download the .map file

Use this link as recommended source for offline maps.

QR code link to offline maps

Copy the file into the shared maaloo-Folder

After the download the map-file should be part of the Downloads folder. The system app “Files” can copy the file into the shared documents folder of the app “maaloo”.

Select “Copy” or “Move”
Select “maaloo” and “Copy”

Restart the App

The app searches only after start up for new files in the shared documents folder of the app. So the app needs to be canceled and restarted to detect the new map file.

Use the vector map

The Maps selector now should contain a new entry with the name of your imported file.


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